At the intersection of innovation and application, there are prototypes. Prototypes are the catalyst that turn great ideas, into practical solutions.

At Nuhill Technologies, we leverage our 26 years of expertise to create high quality polyurethane and silicone molded prototypes and low volume production parts. We are driven by the success of our clients, and believe that providing unparalleled quality, in a timely manner, with the highest level of customer care is the key to that success.

Engineering and Production location:
4937 28th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55417

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As a business and team, we see the responsibility we have to contribute immediately and over time to a world that is both socially equitable and ecologically habitable. We’re discussing this internally with our whole team and are in the middle of processing what our best looks like. At the moment, we’re seeing these actions as a starting place within our niche of prototyping:

  1. Prioritizing local, BIPOC, and female owned businesses in purchasing goods and services.
  2. Advertising job opportunities beyond our immediate networks.
  3. Focusing the products we make in industries that are peaceful.
  4. Prioritizing time, money and energy on reusable plastic products.
  5. Minimizing the waste that our manufacturing produces.

If you have best practices or other viewpoints to share, please give us an email or call.
The Nuhill Technologies Team